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Results of VIX (VIX) Index Forecast

Updated Jul 10, 2020
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How are the forecasts offered by QForecast.com performing and what were the results of the forecasts made in the past? To ensure transparency, here are the results of the past predictions made by QForecast.com for VIX (VIX) index.
By default, this page shows the results of the forecasts made for VIX Index for the target date which has just passed. In most cases, it will be the latest Friday before today's date in EST timezone (or the prior business day in case the latest Friday happens to be a market holiday).
To check for the results of other forecasts made for other stocks/ on other forecasting dates/ for other target dates, please submit the above form by selecting appropriate values.

As of forecast date of Tuesday, 02 June 2020, the index of VIX CBOE Volatility Index closed at the value of 26.84. Based on the closing price and based on a few other key price forecasting parameters, the forecasts which were made by QForecast.com for various up-side and down-side target price levels are listed below. Additionally, the last two columns contain the results of the forecasts - whether the mentioned target levels were achieved ( Hit), or failed to achieve ( Miss), or if there is still time left to complete the forecast period ( Wait). Also included with the results are the dates during the forecasting period and the corresponding high and low prices of the VIX Index price, and whether those prices successfully exceeded the mentioned price target levels, or if they fell short of the expectations.US StocksUS ETFsMajor Indexes
 See Past Results of Index Price Forecasts (all fields are mandatory):

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